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November Calendar

Check out all of the fantastics things that our toddlers will enjoy in the month of November!

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Its not just Santa Claus that’s coming to town.

One of my top experiences in my career as a musician was
preparing for a performance withthe Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.
The gig?  Baritone soloist in one of the most monumental pieces of all

First day of classes update!

Hi parents,

In light of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Manitoba has recognized Sept 19 as a federal holiday. However, Manitoba schools and child care facilities will remain open as usual. That means the Arts4Tots Preschool Programs will still be welcoming your kids in class this coming Monday! We look forward to teaching your kids for the rest of the year.

2022-2023 Start Dates

SAC Invests on Wellness Through Its Staff

Wellness is certainly a popular topic in society today – after two years of restrictions, limitations, and disappointments, it seems that everyone is very aware of their need to invest in themselves.  Surprisingly, many of us don’t know how to accomplish that, or how to find the opportunity!

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Art & Wellness – The Winning Jackpot!

It’s all about wellness and The Steinbach Arts Council is singing this tune! I was privileged to be part of the founding group who created the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre in 1996. The Steinbach Arts Council had existed since 1979 as a group who presented concerts, and awarded funding to local artists and arts groups who were scattered around the community in schools, churches and homes.

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Getting to Know Mike Janzen

Last week, David had the opportunity to chat with Mike Janzen, who will be performing in our first live concert in over two years next Tuesday, April 5th. Mike calls Steinbach his hometown, and has had a successful career working and performing across Canada. The best musicians surround themselves with other talented musicians, which is how Mike has found himself collaborating with the likes of Steve Bell and Sarah Slean, and commissioning works for the CBC and Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra.

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Opening Doors

Every day I get to work, I know I’m opening doors to more than just a building.  For more than 40 years, The Steinbach Arts Council has been opening doors of opportunity and unlocking potential in kids and adults from across the region.  In fact, the Steinbach Arts Council opened their door to me over 25 years ago.

Right now, the world is opening its doors again, after two years of being closed due to the pandemic.  As a result, I’m lucky to say that I have recently been able to watch my kids participate in life again.  I watched my daughter play basketball and perform live with a choir, all in the same week.  It amazed me how her team moved together across the court, how they watched for each other, supported each other, and tried their hardest, for each other.  I was also blown away at how her choir moved together, listened to each other, and supported each other as they sang.  Both teams worked hard, showing me, as a parent, that the skills our kids are learning are the same in both activities. 

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