In the last two weeks, we’ve put together a list of classes and activities for our region, from preschoolers to adults in every discipline.  From developing our budgets, to scheduling and planning nearly 20 classes and concerts, (there’s much more to come), and we’ve moved quickly to make it happen!  More classes, including the ASAP program, more concerts, more opportunities???  How do we do it, you ask?

Its no secret.

SAC has a dedicated staff.  So dedicated, in fact, that when it comes time to rally and get the job done, any one of us is willing to pull our weight, work some extra hours, help each other out, even if it falls outside of our regular job descriptions.  That’s what a strong team will do.

Not to mention our instructors.  We have teachers at our Centre that are passionate about their respective disciplines, and it shows.  When I asked them to come on board to teach in a virtual format, the only answer I received was “YES, of course”.  Why?  Because they know our classes and events are important in the overall development of our community members.

Abigail is using her camera to show 14 students her art work up close.  Jeremy is working hard to communicate to his theatre students through a screen, and developing young playwrights and producers.  And remember how I keep telling you that pottery just isn’t realistic in a virtual format?  I even proved myself wrong – because we’ve got folks learning to work with clay over the internet.

Its amazing what you can do when you realize that anything is possible.  You just need a plan.  And we ALWAYS have a plan.

So, get online, stay safe, healthy, and get creative at SAC.  We’ve got something for you…I know it.