Early on in the pandemic, while we were planning for a year of unknowns, we decided, (together with our Board of Directors) that the health and safety of our members and their families is our number one priority.  Now, with restrictions that keep us all at home, together with the province of Manitoba’s Safe at Home grant, we have the chance to reach out and offer recreation, and contribute to the overall physical (and mental) health and wellbeing of our community.  That’s an amazing opportunity, and a welcomed responsibility.

But our programs aren’t JUST about teaching kids how to use a paint brush or memorize lines of a play – they’re about building confidence, developing work ethic and skills, and learning how to think critically, and creatively.  And that’s exactly what WE all need to do to thrive (and survive) during a pandemic.

awarded the Province of Manitoba’s Safe at Home Grant means a lot for SAC. It means
that we can provide our region with opportunities that wouldn’t be available
otherwise. While we remain in Code Red for
the next weeks, and possibly longer, this grant allows us to continue our
programming while doing our part to keep the province safe.  And THAT means a lot for our community.

worked hard leading up to this point, looking for ways to invest in technology,
applying for grants, and incorporating it all into
our programs, and now’s our chance to use it!  Our incredible list of instructors
are fully on board, adapting their teaching to fit the virtual format, and ready to deliver great classes and activities to
you…safe at home.

Watch our website for frequent updates – we’re rolling out our programs and concerts as quickly as we can, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there.

While you’re here…take a “behind the scenes” look at how we were able to provide our first FREE livestreamed concert of 2021, featuring Madeline Hildebrand on piano. Keeping everyone at home…and safe.