New technology? No problem.

My dad once said to me, “David, with your musical training, you can succeed at anything you want.”

I guess that might have had some influence on my approach to new projects, including our latest concert with Madeline Hildebrand.

In music, I practice long hours, I study the details, I polish my presentation, I perform with confidence (sometimes in front of VERY large audiences). 

I’ve never been scared to try something new.  As trained musicians, we thrive when we’re challenged to re-invent.  So, when it came time to learn about technology in order to deliver SAC programming, I accepted the challenge, and feel that I’ve done a pretty good job setting our Centre up for success!

Now, I’m normally enthusiastic about the projects we have planned at SAC, but this latest concert project is exceptional, mostly because we’ve incorporated that technology I’m talking about. 

Classical concerts not for you?  Think again!

We’re hosting our first livestream concert of 2021 featuring Madeline Hildebrand (local piano virtuoso), who’s known across Canada for her playing and teaching.  She’s planned an incredible concert, entertaining for every audience member, no matter what their age!  But what’s REALLY cool is that we’ve set this concert up with multiple cameras shooting from multiple angles and perspectives, (including a bird’s-eye view of our performer…) which you’d NEVER get to see in-person. It will be a spectacular concert, both musically, and visually, and audiences will love it.  I know I will.

Buy your tickets – support the arts and culture that is so strong in our community.  And watch as we keep aiming for innovation in our programming!  Plus, it’s just going to be an incredible concert.  (Of course it will be…Madeline has studied, practiced, and polished her playing for YEARS!)

Hey…we can do anything we put our minds to…including bringing a live concert right to your own living room.

Visit the Livestream Concerts page for more info.  Or call me.  I’ll get you tickets over the phone!

See you there…