SAC Invests on Wellness Through Its Staff

Wellness is certainly a popular topic in society today – after two years of restrictions, limitations, and disappointments, it seems that everyone is very aware of their need to invest in themselves.  Surprisingly, many of us don’t know how to accomplish that, or how to find the opportunity!

Wellness through movement and exercise, expression through poetry and journaling, through creation of visual art, volunteering (or even teaching!) are all proven to be “restorative”.  Finding a group of people to participate with – THAT can be a real challenge.  But look no further – this is exactly what we do here at SAC.  We invest in the wellness of our community through the arts, whether its bringing community together in the form of yoga or Pilates classes, pottery, musical theatre, or any number of programs or concert opportunities we provide. 

While we’re talking about wellness, its important to note that while it exists in for us in recreational experiences, it’s also important to consider in our workplace.

Here at SAC, we’re not only concerned with the wellness of our customers and members.  We’ve poured a lot of energy recently into discovering what wellness means to our staff.  We’ve been lucky enough to participate in a number of Professional Development sessions, ranging from character analysis, to team building, and self care in our work environment.  Hey – sometimes you need to talk as a staff to discover what you’re missing!  And those conversations have certainly made us stronger, and more motivated to keep up the work we do in our community.

The SAC staff is an incredible group, who are committed to our community, and to each other.  And what I’ve been reminded of through all our wellness workshops this year, is that when you spend 8 hours a day/5 days a week with your colleagues, you may as well be family!  And when you take care of your family, you take care of yourself. 

Our place in the community is an important one – as a non-profit for the arts, it means there are many opportunities to get involved and contribute to the well-being of others.   You know, there might even be a few of those opportunities listed on our website – we’re always looking to grow our team, and increase our reach, doing great things for the people around us.

No matter what wellness means to you, it needs to be intentional.  Whether it’s finding a way to invest in yourself, or invest in your team, or to JOIN a team.

Take a moment to think about what you might need this year to restore yourselves and those around you.  There are SO many opportunities waiting for you.