Well-Being For The Whole Human: Physical, Mental and Emotional Health Through The Arts

Through COVID (and as this pandemic continues), my work has required me to place the physical health and well-being of the kids and adults who come into our building at the top of my list of priorities.  While doing that, I’ve been working creatively to keep our community engaged, because health and well-being applies to emotional and mental states as well, which I accomplish through arts programming. 

I recently read a post online about art and mental wellness, and though its not news to me, it was great to read a University of Calgary Professor’s perspective about the studies that prove that art (and dance, and self-expression) can be proven (by science) to change the mental and emotional state of an individual.

How cool is that?

Involvement in the arts reduces stress markers.

Reduces anxiety.

And changes one’s mental state.  For the better.

As one of the individuals in charge of creating positive experiences for kids and adults through the arts in our region, I’m pretty excited to be reminded that my work makes a big difference in the world. 

I get to put people in the same room as incredible, inspiring mentors and teachers, working to draw the best out of the students they work with.  The instructors are award-winning teachers, dedicated professionals, and community contributors.  People who are passionate about giving others valuable experiences that change their mental state, and teach them skills that will help keep them healthy…physically AND emotionally…for their whole lives.

When the pandemic began, together with my staff, I began finding ways to make our programming possible despite COVID restrictions.  I learned very quickly that to some, that kind of work was discouraging and exhausting.  To me, it was exhilarating and energy-giving.  What seemed like such a sacrifice to many, was actually the opposite to me.  It was a challenge, but its an obvious choice to make – I get to make an impact on the well-being of others.  Every day.

In my personal life, as a parent, there is nothing more important than the health and well-being of my kids.  I want them to thrive, and to be given every opportunity to enjoy life and the world around them.  That includes physical and mental wellness. 

In my work role, its pretty cool that I get to take that same care of people in our region, in addition to my kids.

It’s a privilege that I take quite seriously.   

Check out this article and after that, check out our website, and see if there’s something there for the kids, adults in your life, or maybe for YOURSELF.  Try something that might have a positive impact, for you AND those around you.

Invest in well-being, for the WHOLE human.

Explore classes available this season at the centre. Start investing in your wellness today.