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First day of classes update!

Hi parents, In light of Queen Elizabeth II’s passing, Manitoba has recognized Sept 19 as a federal holiday. However, Manitoba schools and child care facilities will remain open as usual. That means the Arts4Tots Preschool Programs will still be welcoming your kids in class this coming Monday! We look forward to teaching your kids for […]

SAC Invests on Wellness Through Its Staff

Wellness is certainly a popular topic in society today – after two years of restrictions, limitations, and disappointments, it seems that everyone is very aware of their need to invest in themselves.  Surprisingly, many of us don’t know how to accomplish that, or how to find the opportunity!

Art & Wellness – The Winning Jackpot!

It’s all about wellness and The Steinbach Arts Council is singing this tune! I was privileged to be part of the founding group who created the Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre in 1996. The Steinbach Arts Council had existed since 1979 as a group who presented concerts, and awarded funding to local artists and arts groups […]

It’s Your Gala — Celebrate the Arts!

The Gala is unique to SAC.  If ‘SAC’ was an artist, we would refer to the Gala as its own Signature Piece! Everyone in the region knows about ‘the SAC Gala’ and the excitement and artistic activity it stirs up in the community – and in the region.   I find it an honor to be […]

How David Carty Captures the Essence of the Canoe In This Exhibit of Retelling and Exploration

When we explore something as “simple” as a canoe from functional, cultural, and historical perspectives, we quickly realize that these vehicles served both function and form. Those who designed and built canoes over the last centuries were artists, too. Their skills were functional and creative. Life skills if you will. Even Carty said that “it is a marvel in design and technology.”