Southeast Open Judged Exhibit: A Celebration of Artistic Talent in the Southeast 

In an exciting showcase of creativity and talent, the much-anticipated Southeast Open Judged Exhibit Opening Ceremony will take place on May 10, 2024, at 7:00 PM. This event celebrates the diverse and vibrant artistic talent emerging from the Southeast region, providing a platform for artists from various age ranges and mediums. 

This year’s opening ceremony promises to be an exciting evening, filled with the opportunity to explore a wide array of artworks, spanning multiple genres and mediums. Artists from across the Southeast have submitted their work, each piece telling a unique story and offering insight into the cultural and personal landscapes that shape the region’s artistic output. The exhibit not only highlights the rich cultural heritage of the Southeast but also showcases the innovative and contemporary movements making waves in the art world today. 

“The opening ceremony is more than just an exhibition; it is a celebration of the artists themselves.” says Camila Funes-Giesbrecht, Assistant Arts Instructor Coordinator. “This exhibit offers an opportunity for art enthusiasts, family, friends, and the community to meet and engage with the creators behind the masterpieces. This interaction fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation of the art, making the Southeast Open Judged Exhibit a cornerstone event in promoting cultural dialogue and artistic exchange in the community”. 

In addition to the unveiling of the artworks, attendees will be treated to a night of elegance and inspiration, with music, refreshments, and the chance to be among the first to view the gallery. The event also marks the end of the judging process, where selected works will be awarded for their innovation, creativity, and impact, further highlighting the importance of supporting and recognizing artistic talent in the Southeast. 

We invite everyone to join us in this remarkable celebration, to be inspired, and to discover the incredible talent that the Southeast has to offer. 

Event Details: 

  • Date: Friday. May 10, 2024 
  • Time: Ceremony at 7:00 PM with remarks to begin at 7:30 PM 
  • Location: Steinbach Cultural Arts Centre: 304 Second Street, Steinbach MB. 

For more information about the Southeast Open Judged Exhibit and the opening ceremony, please contact Camila Funes-Giesbrecht at or call 204-346-1077.