Steinbach Arts Council Celebrates Culture & Heritage with Multi-Generational and Wellness Workshops 

The Steinbach Arts Council is proud to present a series of workshops that celebrate the rich diversity of culture and heritage in our community. Thank you to The Chrysalis Fund for providing support to the Culture & Heritage Pilot Project Workshops and to The Million Dollar Table for contributing to our Wellness Pilot Project Workshops. Our cultural and wellness workshops are designed to bring people of all ages and backgrounds together to learn, create, and connect. 

The Cultural, multi-generational workshops will feature a variety of activities, including creating Mennonite Floor Patterns and Place Mats with Margruite Krahn, creating Ukrainian Culinary dishes with Cassandra Kornelsen, learning Metis Jigging with Janessa Roy, creating Metis Finger Weaving with Brett Mcpherson, and creating Metis Borealis Beading with Melanie Gamache. These workshops are a great opportunity to learn new skills and techniques, while also exploring the unique cultural traditions that make our community so special. 

Aside from the cultural workshops, the Steinbach Arts Council is presenting a series of Wellness Workshops. These workshops will feature a low-impact fitness class, a culinary session with Cassandra Kornelsen for creating healthy treats, and a soap and bath bomb crafting session with Patricia Mcpherson using essential oils. The aim of these workshops is to promote physical and mental well-being while offering an enjoyable and engaging learning experience. 

“The work we do is important.” Our city is home to one of the largest Arts Centres in western Canada, and we believe that we can improve quality of life for residents in and around our city with our programming, especially when there is so much evidence that arts and culture are directly related to the well-being of society.” Says David Klassen, Executive Director of the Steinbach Arts Council. “By investing in personal wellness, we’re investing in a healthy community.  By offering cultural learning opportunities, we believe we can strengthen friendships and relationships. By passing down cultural traditions, we believe that we can strengthen ties between generations.” 

Thank you to the Chrysalis Fund and Million Dollar Table, for your generosity and dedication to the arts. Their support has made a lasting impact on our community, and we look forward to continuing to work together to promote and celebrate the arts. 

For more information, or to register for a workshop, please visit the Steinbach Arts Council website or call (204) 346-1077. 


For interviews:

Cassandra Kornelsen, Manager of Community Programs